I'm Kacie. 22 years old. Cosmetologist. Wisconsin.

I have a gorgeous four year old daughter who is the light of my world. Her name is Kali Jean and she was born July 4th, 2010. Currently pregnant with number two!


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Anonymous said: Can you make a post with all the old wives tales for gender predictions :)

I should! I will soon

Anonymous said: Have you bought anything for the baby yet?

No, we wanted to wait to find out the gender.

Anonymous said: It could be quickening! It's a thing that can happen at 14 weeks. Congratulations!

I’m excited to feel it more! Thank you!

Is 14 weeks too early to feel the baby? I swear I just felt it but I could be wrong..

Jake and I aren’t even engaged yet and we’ve decided our perfect first dance song :)

Well I made the decision to switch my OB, the one I’ve been going to is too much of a drive for what they do. They have an office in town but I can never get in, and I had a huge problem scheduling my next appointment so Jake and I said fuck them basically.
I had to call and get my insurance switched so now I have way more of a choice!
When looking for an OB, what were some of your concerns? I do live in an area where there are two medical groups to choose from (not sure if that’s what it’s called) but basically two hospitals. I’m not sure how to decide this time!

Kali takes pretty good pictures :)