I'm Kacie. 22 years old. Cosmetologist. Wisconsin.

I have a gorgeous four year old daughter who is the light of my world. Her name is Kali Jean and she was born July 4th, 2010. Currently pregnant with number two!


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I’m gonna keep any name suggestions in my inbox to show jake later :) thank you guys!!!

Anonymous said: Did you pick riley because its a unisex name?

It’s Jakes middle name :) Kali has my middle name so we decided to do Riley for the baby.

Anonymous said: Names?

Not sure yet! If you guys wanna give me good “J” names that go with the middle name Riley, I’d appreciate it!

Anonymous said: I think it's going to be a girl :)

I think so too!

Anonymous said: Hey Kacie! We actually used to talk a bit a long time ago, but you probably won't remember me! Anyway. I'm nine weeks pregnant today with my first. I have horrible nausea... I was just wondering if the preggie pops works for you. Thanks in advance!

I’m sure I would! And congrats!
They pop drops kind of worked for me, but the actual pops were pretty gross in my opinion so I only had one.

Anonymous said: You are so pretty Kacie!

You’re too sweet, thank you :)

Anonymous said: Kali gets more and more beautiful everyday. Didn't she have curly hair? She should model or be on tv :)

She does! And when it was shorter it was but the longer it gets the straighter it is, probably just because of the extra weight. It can’t hold a curl either :/
And she’d be great at that! She has the personality.

Anonymous said: Would you ever go back to school and get a degree?

Definitely! If I find something I wanna do, I would go back to school.

Anonymous said: Kali is so beautiful. I was wondering. What's different about being pregnant with baby #2 now that you're a little older and more prepared? And congrats!

I’m a lot less stressed :) being older, settled down with a wonderful man, and having jobs really makes me feel much more at ease! A lot less drama with it too.

beccaisstellar said: Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Thank you :)

So the nausea has dramatically decreased the past few days.
I might be speaking too soon but oh my goshhhhh I hope it stays like this!