I'm Kacie. 22 years old. Cosmetologist. Wisconsin.

I have a gorgeous four year old daughter who is the light of my world. Her name is Kali Jean and she was born July 4th, 2010. Currently pregnant with number two!


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Kali takes pretty good pictures :)

A little closer to my due date, I’m gonna have you guys guess the birthdate of the baby! I’m gonna write them all down and we’ll see who’s right! I just decided that so I had to tell you all right away :)

Anonymous said: Favorite baby names for boy and girl?

All we have picked out so far is Jackson for a boy, possibly.

Anonymous said: I've followed you since Kali was a teeny little thing, before her 1at birthday even. You're such an awesome mom, but I've always seen you as a mother of one, I never pictured you having more kids. I was excited for you when you announced your pregnancy, of course, but a little sad, LOL. Either way, I'm happy for you and as your pregnancy gets further along I know you'll be just as great of a mommy with two as you were with one.

I didn’t picture myself having more kids until about last year. And when Jake and I started talking again, something about him made me want to have a child with him. I couldn’t be happier with that decision :) I’m so glad to be having another baby!