I'm Kacie. 22 years old. Cosmetologist. Wisconsin.

I have a gorgeous four year old daughter who is the light of my world. Her name is Kali Jean and she was born July 4th, 2010. Currently pregnant with number two!


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Anonymous said: Are you planning on any pregnancy photoshoots? :)

I am!

Any tips on calming “morning” sickness? It’s getting worse and worse.
I can deal with it but anything to help it even a little would be great!

Anonymous said: How far Along are you?

8 weeks!

Anonymous said: Do you like Taylor Swift's new single? It's called Shake It Off, I love it!

I did! Definitely cute!

Anonymous said: When are you going to get an ultrasound?

I think I’ll be getting one next Tuesday but I’m not sure since I didn’t go to a doctor with Kali, so I really don’t know when they give the ultrasounds.

Not being able to keep food down and throwing up atleast four times a day is bullshit.

I know we won’t be finding out the gender until October, but Jake and I decided we’re gonna do a gender reveal party! We’re gonna have the ultrasound tech wrote the gender down and give it to our moms and have them reveal it to us somehow at the party :) I’m so excited!